The Team


Tom Sichel


Before starting Contactless-Studios Tom worked as a recording engineer in Edinburgh. After seeing how even with all their great talent artists couldn't make money, Tom set out to solve the problem. This led to the first project for Contactless Studios, where Tom partnered with Adam and his development team to create the very first beer that is connected to the internet & can wirelessly send music to any mobile phone.

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Adam Greenburg


Before starting Contactless Studios Adam had worked with Bacem in building & leading development teams for delivering innovative tech projects. In that time they have been successful in delivering payment databases & other data-driven systems for saving companies money. Having been a musician in a few bands in the past Adam formed Contactless-Studios to change the way art and music can be bought & sold.

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Bacem Bergaoui

Lead Developer 

Bacem has been a software developer for over 12 years. He is a full-stack developer, can build applications for iPhone or Android and during his career led & built development teams of up to 20 people. He has mostly worked on innovative projects within large corporations & start-ups. Since then he has joined Contactless Studios & built with Adam the first team to deploy and create beers that play music.

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